Rise Up! Gathered by the Spirit

August 26, 2015

Join Peace Lutheran Fellowship for this weeks installment of our sermon series, Rise Up! Learn about how the spirit works through us and where to put your trust amongst all the chaos of today's world. 


Rise Up! A Hard Word to Swallow

August 20, 2015

The concept of eating Jesus' flesh and drinking his blood was and still is graphic imagery that portrays a sort of raw, visceral lesson. This week we delve into this difficult teaching as we discuss how this is relevant to our lives today.


Rise Up! For All You Who Are Hungry

August 6, 2015

Pastor Ron and his daughter, Megan, just returned from a missions trip to Detroit, where they served many people and communities in need. The people in Jesus’ day have a lot in common with Detroit, America’s poorest city. During the time of Jesus' ministry on earth, the vast majority of people in Israel were peasants who were being oppressed by Rome’s military might and outrageous tax system. And, maybe worse, they were being taken advantage of by the Temple system and priests and other religious rulers who were often in league with Rome.


When they saw Jesus perform miraculous signs, producing Costco super-sized loaves out of a little boy’s lunch, they stopped listening to Jesus’ teaching and started hearing with their stomachs.  Who could blame them?


Nevertheless, Jesus had hoped that they would have seen a deeper magic in the multiplication of loaves.  If Jesus could do this with physical food, then this is a sign that he is the one they had been waiting for and that he was  the fulfillment of their spiritual needs, the forgiveness of sin, the healing of the heart and whole being, true shalom!

How do we receive Jesus? As a quick answer to our felt needs or do we look to Jesus to be more than that for us - the one who brings us true, abundant life?


Taking Down the Giant of Racism

June 24, 2015

How can we overcome insurmountable odds in order to face the giant of Racism? Why are we so closed off to the possibility that racism lives, even in our own lives? Delve into these questions and more with Pastor Ron McClung in this emotional and heartfelt message about the giant among us.


When Water is Thicker Than Blood

June 16, 2015

Join us today for this sermon, recorded on June 7th, 2015. In this podcast we discuss what it would have been like in Jesus' family growing up. We know the significance of his works here, but for his family and people it appears to be madness, even to the point where he is accused of witchcraft or black magic. Delve with us into this story and explore the conversion that faith in Jesus brings.