Easter! This Changes Everything! Guest Speaker: Rev. Dan Wilson

May 16, 2015

Do you know what a true friend is? What is friendship truly about? What's the difference between true friends and "diet soda friends"? Join us with guest speaker, Rev. Dan Wilson, a retired pastor in our area to find out these questions and more.


Easter! This Changes Everything!

May 5, 2015

Join us for this week's sermon by guest speaker Melanie Wallschlaeger as we dive into the fifth week of Easter and talk about Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch. How can we understand scripture without a guide? What is stopping us from being baptized? Delve into these questions and more in this love filled podcast from Peace Lutheran Fellowship.


This Changes Everything: God Isn’t Done Yet

April 30, 2015

Here is this week's sermon by Pastor Ron McClung from Peace Lutheran Fellowship. This time we talk about what a good shepherd is, how the sheep will run to greet him at the sound of his voice, and what a difference it makes for them to have a good shepherd. Listen now to find out how Jesus is the best shepherd and how we as his sheep should run to his voice.


Guest Speaker: Rev Dr Melanie Wallschlaeger

April 22, 2015

Join us for this special treat as Rev. Dr. Melanie Wallschlaeger guest speaks at Peace Lutheran Fellowship and tells us of her experiences with churches around the world, near and far. We also continue discussing how Easter changes everything and our calling to witness as Christians. Listen in now for a wonderful, grace-filled sermon.


This Changes Everything: Conditional Thomas

April 16, 2015

Join us for this week's sermon by Pastor Ron McClung. Delve into the story of "Doubting Thomas" and find out why that title may not be the best. Learn about how Jesus death and resurrection changed everything and lead Thomas to full heartedly believe once more, now with a brief Q & A at the conclusion of the sermon.